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Winter Activities with Your Dog

By Jodi Hartley
 Winter is here! Gone are the long sunny days that give you plenty of time for walks, visits to the dog park and games of backyard fetch. Even though the temps have dropped and maybe there’s some snow on the ground, your dog still needs exercise and quality time with you. Keep the winter doldrums at bay with these cold weather activities.
Play Games
Play hide and seek either with […]

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Happy Healthy Holidays!

By, Jodi L. Hartley
We’re heading into the holiday season, which means an onslaught of yummy human foods, decorations, visitors, and, of course, stress. As much as the holidays bring joy, they also bring lots of opportunities for our beloved furry family members to become sick or anxious. Help keep the holidays jolly and bright for your pooch by being aware of these dangers.
We humans love holiday food, and the […]

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Choosing Safe and Healthy Dog Toys and Chews

By Jodi L. Hartley
It still brings tears to my eyes to see my dog, Dolly, play with toys. Rescued from a puppy mill when she was about one year old, she came to our house not knowing how to play. Lucky for her, she had a new big brother and new friends at Club Canine to show her the ropes. Now she’s an expert with toys, favoring fuzzy squeaky toys […]

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Breaking The Chain Part II

By, Jodi L. Hartley
As discussed in Part I of Breaking the Chain, chaining or tethering dogs is detrimental to the dog and to the community. If you want to help a dog who is chained, you have several options.
Educate the Owner
If you feel comfortable approaching the dog’s owner, ask him about the dog and try to determine the reason for the dog being tied out. Often it’s one of three […]

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    Spaying and Neutering Leads to Healthy, Happy Dogs…and Dog Owners!

Spaying and Neutering Leads to Healthy, Happy Dogs…and Dog Owners!

By Jodi L. Hartley

A story went around the online pet community a few years ago about a woman who awoke to a strange dog breaking into her bedroom. The dog, a male who had not been neutered, was after her unspayed female dog who was in heat. He, like most intact males, was bound and determined to mate no matter who or what was in his way.

Spaying and neutering is […]

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Dogs Are What They Eat!

By Traci Whiteside, Master Dog Trainer
“We are what we eat”, so they say.  Healthy eating makes for a long and healthy life.
And a good diet can (literally) save you thousands of dollars in vet bills.
Most commercial pet foods have wonderful marketing campaigns designed to make you believe that their foods are quality, but most are not. Even the more expensive commercial foods can/do contain ingredients that can be harmful to […]

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