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Invisible fencing can do more harm than good

By Jodi Hartley

The saying is “fences make good neighbors,” but not all fences create the intended result, especially when it comes to our dogs. Unfortunately some dog parents live in residential developments that don’t allow physical fences or have large acreage that makes it financially difficult to fence in. In these types of situations, many dog owners will look at invisible fencing to keep their dog contained in the yard.

Invisible […]

A Puppy for Christmas…Good Idea or Not?


By, Traci Whiteside, Master Trainer

Do you want a puppy for Christmas?  Before you say “yes” make sure you really know what you are asking for.  I will help you decide if now is the best time to ask for a puppy however, I am not a big fan of getting a puppy during the holidays. Puppies are nervous when separated from their pack and the extra excitement and chaos the […]

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Breaking The Chain Part I

By Jodi L. Hartley

Every 40 seconds someone in the United States is bitten by a dog, and 17 percent of those bites are from dogs who have been chained or tethered. Tying a dog outside is not only inhumane and cruel to the dog, it also makes for a dangerous situation for the community.
Tethering Dogs Is Inhumane

A dog is a pack animal with a need for socialization […]