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Having friends is important to everyone.
We can provide a safe and interactive place to play!
Come experience exceptional day camp.

Doggie Day Camp is So Much Fun!!

Too often time commitments make it almost impossible for a pet owner to provide a daily walk, some exercise time or a real socialization experience for their pet. Many pets who are well behaved when their owner is home become mischievous while they are gone. If you’ve ever come home to chewed furniture, shredded carpet, or housebreaking surprises…your pet may be the perfect candidate for Doggie Day Camp!

Listen to the Johnsons – Club Canine Parents

When you walk in the door after a hard day at work, does your pet demand your attention and not give you a moments rest? Your dog may be trying to tell you, “I’m bored!” Without something constructive to do when you leave home, your furry friend will eventually find some source of entertainment. And odds are, it won’t be something that is very entertaining to you!

To Start Off Right…Something Free!

We’d like to give you a free gift just for visiting our site and taking a first step today!

1 As our way of starting the relationship off right, we’d like to give you a free gift: Download our great article “Dog Park Safety” to keep your dog safe and healthy – it can be yours right now, for FREE!

2 All day camp guests start off with a day camp evaluation. The cost of the evaluation is $30.  We are so sure your pooch will love it here, when the evaluation is over they can stay the rest of the day for FREE ($20 value). And what if your dog is begging for more? Well by taking your first step below you’ll receive a coupon via email for $5 off the first day camp package! So let’s get you started- just click the button below! That’s it!



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