By Traci Whiteside, Master Dog Trainer
“We are what we eat”, so they say.  Healthy eating makes for a long and dog foodhealthy life.
And a good diet can (literally) save you thousands of dollars in vet bills.
Most commercial pet foods have wonderful marketing campaigns designed to make you believe that their foods are quality, but most are not. Even the more expensive commercial foods can/do contain ingredients that can be harmful to your pet on a number of levels.

Foods containing any kind of by-products, chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin, or inferior ingredients such as wheat and corn gluten, which are cheap sources of protein, can harm your pet by not providing the healthy nutrition he/she needs.
Many animals have grain allergies that are never properly diagnosed – and yet grains are found in most commercial foods.

Many people say, “But my dog lived till he was 15 on XYZ Commercial food.” Yes, that is true. And some of us could live long lives on McDonald’s. But our doctor bills would be much higher, our energy levels lower and our medical issues more plentiful. And so the same goes for your pet. Why not do better for your pet?

Club Canine strongly encourages you to consider feeding your pets a high-quality, all-natural diet. And we believe so strongly in the benefits of doing such that we have partnered with Fromm Family Pet Foods and Canidae Pet Foods to offer your pets high-quality and natural foods.

Benefits to feeding natural foods include: reduction/elimination of common allergies (often caused by foods); reduction in inflammation of joints; stronger/healthier digestive tracts; cleaner/healthier teeth; decreased infections of ears and mouth; less shedding; smaller/firmer stools and a happier, healthier pet!!!

Also consider that the USDA does not regulate the quality of ingredients that go into commercial pet food. 4-D animals (dead, dying, diseased and down) animals can be used in your pet’s food with no restrictions. And many commercial pet food companies use such animals to save money. Do you want your pet eating diseased meat? All-natural and organic foods are strictly regulated and must meet standards of care and feeding for the animals that go into such foods. These regulations not only dictate a safer, healthier food source for your pet’s food, but more humane treatment of the animals that go into the food.