By Jodi Hartley

Although we shouldn’t treat man’s best friend exactly like a human, we do need to teach our dogs manners and acceptable behavior so that we can live in harmony with each other. The benefits of dog training are numerous:

  1. Dogs who have experienced positive obedience training get to take part in more aspects of our lives when they can calmly and happily be around other people and animals. They spend less time alone and more time participating in family activities.
  2. Starting a puppy with a puppy training and socialization class makes it easier on the owner to integrate the puppy in the family and is vitally important to the dog’s health as she matures.
  3. Training helps new dog owners learn how to deal with typical bothersome dog behaviors.
  4. Dogs and puppies who go through positive training methods tend to stay in that home for their entire lives as it paves the way for communication and mutual respect between the dog and owner.
  5. Dog training is a positive bonding experience for both the dog and the human. It provides a fun activity with rewards for all of those involved and enriches the relationship both with the dog and within the family.
  6. Dogs thrive on a schedule and with set rules and expectations. This leads to a happier, more secure pet.


Many people feel they can train their dog themselves and some are successful. But many happy dog owners find greater success and rewards participating in group training classes. Group classes provide a controlled setting for socializing your dog with other dogs and people and teaches the owners proven methods for training. Owners can get personalized help with specific issues and share the experience with other dog lovers.

Some dogs may not be ready for a group training class and may benefit from private training and behavior modification first.

Club Canine offers ongoing open enrollment levels dog training classes as well as private training.

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