A Healthy, Happy Dog!

At Club Canine, we believe that your pet’s health and well-being are largely dependent on his or her nutrition. With over 80% of pet health problems arising from poor nutrition, we feel that it’s important that owners have access to the best pet foods and treats available on the market.


Pet Foods: Don’t Be Fooled!
What you are feeding your pet influences the overall health and happiness of your furry friend. Don’t be persuaded by fancy packaging and clever advertising when choosing your dog’s next meal.

Here’s what to avoid:

Chemical Preservatives
BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin are found in many commercial pet foods. Scientific studies have proven that these chemicals can be harmful. In fact, they have been shown to promote liver disease and other medical problems.

Food Coloring
Food colorings are still commonly used in pet foods and treats today despite the fact that they are not necessary, and some have been linked to medical problems.

By-products can vary… they consist of the internal parts of animals such as necks, heads, undeveloped eggs, feet, intestines, lungs, spleen and liver.

You can avoid all of these ingredients by feeding your pet one of our carefully selected all-natural foods.


Why Feed Your Dog An All-Natural Diet?

Feeding all-natural will greatly reduce the speed of premature physical and mental aging in our pets, associated with a lifetime of poor nutrition. Several degenerative diseases, such as cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, skin problems, bowel problems (such as Pancreatitis), and even diabetes have been found to either be hurried up or slowed down very much by what is eaten.

Can Diet Affect Your Dog’s Behavior?

The diet you select for your dog may affect not only his health but also his behavior.  Nutrition is a vital part of your dog’s ability to think clearly, lower his/her stress levels and produce a calmer demeanor.  A hyper, unfocused and out of control dog or puppy is often eating foods with very high levels of grains such as corn, wheat and/or corn meal.

A clear link exists between a well-balanced, biologically appropriate diet and improved behavior. The right balance of good-quality nutrition can decrease your dog’s levels of stress, helping him be calmer and more relaxed. By providing the proper nutrition his body needs, your dog will have less of a tendency to exhibit unwanted behaviors.

dog foodVisit our Nutrition Center and let us show you the way to a happy, healthier pet!





A Stylish Dog Looks and Feels Better!

We know your dog deserves to look and feel his or her best and we are here to help!  Our carefully selected designer pet collars, leashes and harness have proven to not only make your dog a “stand-out”, but their quality design and craftsmanship make our selections the best!