Fun with Lodging!

Our Pampered Pooch services are a wonderful compliment to the quality care and attention your dog will be receiving while he is lodging with us.




Pampered Pooch Services

All-Inclusive Pampered Pooch Package: 16/day Includes day camp, making friends or solo play depending on social skills and boredom busters (treats and chews).

mealsClub Meals: $2.50/day for large dogs. $1.50/day for small dogs. Our club meal consists of an all natural dry meat-based kibble free of corn, wheat, by-products and artificial flavorings and coloring.

You may supply your dog’s food at no additional charge. *We highly recommend foods that are not coated with sugar, artificial flavorings and colorings, especially for high energy breeds to help reduce excess energy. If you need to switch your dog’s diet, please do so slowly over a two week period prior to lodging.[/tab]

playtime“Play Time” – $7 each 
Includes 30 minutes of solo free play in one of our large indoor play yards. We supply ball type toys of different sizes and textures that dogs love.

We are happy to break these outings in to two 15 minute sessions if desired. We recommend “Play Time” for high energy breeds and dogs who are accustomed to regular exercise.

frontdesk“Front Desk Helper”– $10 for 15 minutes. $15 for one hour. 
Your spoiled pup will enjoy hanging out with our front desk attendant in our new enclosed desk area. When your dog isn’t stealing the hearts of our customers, he or she can sit in our lap or snuggle up under foot. We recommend this for dogs that crave attention and need extra companionship.

This service is ideal for small dogs, however, some medium and large dogs may be candidates depending on their temperament and social skills.

friends“Making Friends” – $10 for 30 minutes.
 Our trainers will carefully select a dog that is temperament and size appropriate for your dog for a leisurely play session. This is a great alternative for dogs with special needs or, social limitations that may not be suitable for regular day camp activities.

No evaluation fees! (Note: If we cannot find a dog that your dog enjoys socializing with, we will replace “Making Friends” with “Play Time” instead.)[/tab]

snacks“Scooby Snacks” – $5/day. 
Let us treat your pooch to a rubber toy or hollow bone filled with a mixture of peanut butter and cookies then frozen. This special treat will keep your dog busy and alleviate boredom.

We highly recommend this for dogs that have lots of energy, love to chew or get bored easily. Other treats are available upon request.[/tab] [/tabs]

If You’re Ready…Take the First Step Now!

1As our way of starting the relationship off right, we’d like to give you a free gift: Download our great article “Bad Dog or Bored Dog” to keep your dog safe and healthy – right now, for FREE!

2 Go ahead and schedule your meet and greet. This time is set aside for you to meet us and for us to meet you and your dog(s). We’ll answer any questions you have and make it a snap to book your pet’s first stay with us. You can see first hand how our professionals make staying at Club Canine just like home!


OR Read about the specifics for each enclosure type and pricing available.

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