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Back to School Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Separation anxiety is a terrible feeling. It makes you feel scared, lonely, hopeless, and overall downtrodden without the person you’re separated from. Dogs are pretty prone to separation anxiety, especially during the hectic back-to-school season. If you want a happy and healthy dog, it’s in your best interests to help them with their difficult transition.



Separation anxiety is more common in dogs than in most other animals. The reason for this is their years of domestication paired with their extreme love for their owners. During back-to-school season, separation anxiety is rampant in dogs all over the world due to the significant change in their daily routine. They go from having people around them most of the day to relatively empty homes just like that. Dogs don’t understand what school is or when the season starts, so it’s quite a jarring experience for them!



Separation anxiety affects dogs in different ways, but it seriously puts a damper on their mood and can even be destructive in particularly severe instances. Rather independent dogs may get away with some slight blues, but clingy pets struggle with the absence of their favorite humans. Their anxiety shows through unruly behavior like digging up the garden, chewing the furniture, and even improper urination and defecation inside the house. Avoid getting mad at them for it, as the sudden and significant change in their routine triggers these disorders!



Helping your dog with its separation anxiety is a main priority for dog owners. You shouldn’t be letting your pet struggle with their anxiety! The best thing you can do is to get them comfortable with their new routine. They should receive the same amount of physical and mental exercise and attention even with everyone going off for the back-to-school season. Find time in your family’s schedule to give them what they need. Alternatively, doggie daycares serve to care for your pet while you’re away. They may still miss you, but at least they will be with people who will care for them and give them the fun and everything else they need during your absence!


Beat Your Dog’s Anxiety at Club Canine

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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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