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Dog Boarding in Granite Falls


Making travel and holiday plans with a pet can be difficult. Whether you are driving or flying, figuring out how to take your pet in a safe way can be a pain. One option to consider is enrolling your dog in a dog camp the next time you are planning an extended stay away from home.


If you are in the Granite Falls area and are looking for a trusted and reliable boarding facility, you may come across a variety of options. Here are a few things to look for in a good pet boarding facility:



  • Spacious living areas: Look for an area that has enough space for your pet to roam around. Being cramped up in a small space can make for a very uncomfortable stay for your pet. A spacious living area will have enough room for your pet to walk around, stretch, and generally be comfortable. 



  • Comfortable living arrangements: Comfortable living spaces are clean and dry. There should be easy access to food and water. Make sure there are no frightening things next to your pup and enough toys for them to play with. 


  • Scheduled playtime: Exercise and playtime are very important for dogs to have fun, stay in shape, and be healthy. Look for a dog camp that has consistent playtime each and every day. Boarding facilities that have other friendly pets are even better so your pup gets some great socialization as well. 



  • Trained professionals: If you’re going to leave your pup for an extended period of time, then you want to make sure your pet is in good hands. Making sure the dog camp you select has trained professionals who know how to handle pets and diffuse possibly tense situations is a key ingredient in selecting the right place. 


Come to Club Canine in Granite Falls

The next time you’re out for an extended period of time and don’t want to leave your furry best friend by themselves, stop by and check out our luxurious boarding facility at Club Canine! We offer a number of accommodations and will personalize your dog’s care to meet their individual needs. Whether they want lots of cuddles, loads of outdoor playtime, or plenty of peace and quiet, we’ll provide whatever they need. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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