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Holiday Treats To Avoid Feeding Pets


The holiday season is underway, which means feasts for the entire family — your pets included. You may be tempted to let your animal companion indulge in whatever it wants, but you must understand that it’s not safe. This article will teach you about the holiday treats to avoid feeding your pet. Remember to stay safe during the holidays and to keep your pets safe as well.


Cooked Bones

After the holiday feast is over, the chances are that you will have an abundance of cooked bones. Those bones would be an excellent treat for your pet if you follow cartoon standards. However, cooked bones are extremely dangerous for your pet in real life.

When bones are cooked, they become dehydrated and brittle. The reason it's so dangerous for pets is that these bones break off into sharp shards when chewed on. If you feed your pet some cooked bones, these sharp pieces can cut up their insides as they pass through their digestive system. Furthermore, they can even get stuck in places that can't be reached, and that will require invasive surgery procedures.


Pets love sweets just as much as you do, but that doesn’t mean they can eat them. Many holiday desserts contain ingredients that are toxic to animals. You may be aware that chocolate is toxic for animals, but some other harmful ingredients may surprise you.

Some common holiday nuts — like almonds, hazelnuts, and chestnuts — can cause severe reactions in your pet’s stomach. Raisins and grapes are other common holiday dessert ingredients that your pet absolutely shouldn’t ingest. Lastly, alcohol finds its way into many holiday desserts, and you definitely shouldn’t be letting your pet have any of that.


Fatty and Rich Food

During the holiday season, it’s common for people to drop their diet for a few days so they can enjoy some delicious fatty and rich food. The same should not be said for your pets, however. Fatty and rich foods are difficult for your pet to digest, and it can easily give them an upset stomach. If you don’t want to be cleaning up vomit and runny stool during the holidays, don’t give your pet any fatty or rich food.



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