What Core Vaccines Does My Dog Need?


Your dog gets exposed bacteria and germs every single day. Whether they’re out on a walk or lounging around at home, keeping your dog protected from these germs is paramount to their well-being. While most germs are relatively harmless, there are a few that require regular vaccinations to keep your dog protected. This group of regular vaccines that your dog needs is called core vaccines and they include: 

  • Canine parvovirus vaccine: This vaccine protects against the highly contagious parvovirus that affects dogs’ gastrointestinal tracts and can be spread by direct contact with another infected dog or through contact with a contaminated environment.  
  • Distemper vaccine: This vaccine protects against a virus that affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems of dogs. The virus can be found in wildlife and is primarily spread through direct contact with an infected animal or through airborne exposure. 
  • Rabies vaccine: This vaccine protects against the fatal rabies virus which can affect any mammal, including humans. Once symptoms begin to show, it is too late to save the animal so prevention is the only way to keep your pup healthy. 


Puppies as young as six weeks old will need to begin their vaccinations. Get guidance from your local veterinarian on the vaccines your dog needs. Your vet may recommend other non-core vaccines depending on your dog’s lifestyle.  

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