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If you feel bad about leaving your canine companion home all day while you’re at work, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, millions of people struggle with feeling like they can’t give their dog as much attention as they deserve due to hectic schedules. Too often, time commitments make it almost impossible for a pet owner to provide a daily walk, some exercise time, or a real socialization experience for their pet. Many pets who are well behaved while at home with their owner become mischievous when left home alone. If you’ve ever come home to chewed furniture, shredded carpet, or housebreaking surprises…your pet may be the perfect candidate for Dog Day Camp!

At Club Canine, we are thrilled to offer dog day camp in Granite Falls, and we promise your pet will have a tail-wagging good time with us!
happy corgi dog running in dog day camp at club canine

The Benefits of

Dog Day Camp

When you are not home, your dog spends most of their day waiting for you to return. As a result, they often feel bored or anxious, which can lead to problematic behaviors, such as chewing, harking, or howling. And if you’re gone for too long, you might come home to a mess since no one was there to let your pet outside for a potty break.

Dog day camp provides a safe place for your canine companion to run and play with other dogs in a supervised environment, which allows them to develop their social skills and play styles. It is a powerful boredom buster and helps your dog burn off excess energy while you’re at work. By the time you pick them up to head home for the day, they’ll be ready to enjoy a relaxing evening on the couch with you. Enrolling your dog in day camp can also help with potty training and prevent unpleasant surprises in your home.

Dog Day Camp

in Granite Falls

For dog day camp in Granite Falls, Hickory, Lenoir, and the surrounding areas, choose Club Canine. Your dog will have a great time while in our care, and we will do everything possible to keep them safe, comfortable, and happy all day long. To learn more about our requirements, schedule an evaluation, or reserve a spot for your dog, contact us today!
dogs playing in dog day camp at club canine